Meet the fleet

We are pleased to introduce some of the vacuum tankers we have available (ranging in size from 2000 to 4000 gallons) across the South East of England. Our tankers utilise powerful vacuum and jetting pumps to enable us to have the capability to remove all types of wet waste.

Mercedes Arocs - BU18 XTA

Mercedes Arocs
Jet/Vac Combination Tanker

BU18 is a specialist in all commercial, flooding and larger tank applications. With a capacity of 4000 gallons (18185 Litres!) and a high-pressure water jet, there aren’t many jobs this work horse cannot handle!

Height: 12ft 6in | Width: 8ft 3in | Length: 31ft
MAN TGM 26.320 - MK68 NPF

MAN TGM 26.320
Jet/Vac Combination Tanker

Our newest addition to our fleet is another 3000-gallon vacuum tanker. MK68 boasts the very latest in technology inside and out, making her one heck of a truck.

Height: 11ft 8in | Width: 8ft 4in | Length: 28ft 8in
MAN TGM 18.290 - BX17 XTW

MAN TGM 18.290
Jet/Vac Combination Tanker

One of our smaller combination tankers, this little gem tackles the smaller roads and tighter access problems living in the country can pose without a care.

Height: 11ft 4in | Width: 8ft 3in | Length: 23ft 4in
MAN TGM 18.290 - OE65 XZS

MAN TGM 18.290
Jet/Vac Combination Tanker

Our other tight access champion, like BX17 she has a capacity of over 2000 gallons and 100ft of pipework allowing her to empty all manner of wet well chambers over a long distance with little disruption.

Height: 11ft 4in | Width: 8ft 3in | Length: 23ft 4in
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