flappy tanker Flappy Tanker

How To Play

  1. Start the Game. Tap/Click to start. Tap/Click again to allow your Tanker to fly and to start the game.
  2. Stay in the middle of screen until the first set of pipes appears. Measure your tap heights to go between the two pipes. The faster you tap, the higher you go. Each tap represents a wing flap and higher flight. Once you stop, you drop towards the ground.
  3. Stay in the middle of the pipes. This is the main objective of the game. If you hit a pipe or the ground, the game ends.
  4. Find your rhythm for higher and lower pipes. This is important when you need to go higher or drop, or else you will hit a pipe.
  5. Try not to go high. You can still bump into a pipe.

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Pos Name Score
1 Billy Claridge 37
2 Matthew Jee 26
3 Bobby Taylor 21
4 Alex Haigh 11
5 Daniel Jee 10
6 Luke Rouse 10
7 Andrea Jee 9
8 Andre 8
9 Adam Crea 8
10 Georgia Mills 7