What can i use in my septic tank?

Debunk the myths surrounding what cleaning products you can and can't use at home when you have a septic tank.

Can cleaning products really affect my septic tank?

In short, Yes! Your septic tank relies on a strict chemical balance to ensure its working at its best. Septic tanks are full of bacteria which it uses to break down the solids in your tank. Harsh cleaners can destroy these leaving you with not only problems with your tank but potentially environmental issues caused by these cleaners seeping into the ground water or waterways causing serious issues with surrounding wildlife and ecosystems.

What cleaning products can you use with a septic tank?

On the whole most multipurpose household cleaners would not have an impact on your system, if used to manufactures guidelines and sparingly. There are keywords you can look for on the packaging which can steer you in the right direction, like ‘mild’ or ‘phosphate free’. Always refer to the warnings printed on the product and if not sure discontinue use or contact the manufacture for advice.

General household bleach is low in chemical quantities and should not affect your septic tank, that is, as with all solutions, when used in moderation! You should look to avoid anything marked ‘extra strong’ or commercial grade.

Can I use drain unblocker/cleaner when I have a septic tank?

Blocked drains happen and using unblocker/cleaner where necessary is fine, again in moderation. Aim for water-based solutions and avoid anything that cant be diluted in the pipe like foaming or solid based cleaners. If you need to use products regularly you should have your drainage checked by a professional as prolonged use will have a detrimental effect on your sewage system. Always try to choose eco-friendly products wherever possible, as these have been developed to have minimal impact on the environment, which means they typically have weak or no chemicals in that could damage the bacteria within septic tanks.

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