Septic Tank Emptying in West Sussex

Are you searching for a professional and reliable company to carry out a septic tank emptying in West Sussex? At Clearmasters Environmental Ltd, our aim is to ensure that we provide you with a friendly, efficient service at extremely competitive rates! Whether you’re a homeowner or you manage commercial premises in West Sussex, our modern fleet of vacuum tankers containing the highest tech equipment are available 24/7 to ensure that we can provide you with the high levels of reliability and efficiency that we continuously achieve.

Sewage Tank Emptying

Our friendly and knowledgeable office team are always available to discuss or advise on any of your septic tank emptying requirements or simply to schedule your septic tank emptying at a time and date convenient to you.

Whilst on site, our team of dedicated, friendly and fully trained engineers will ensure that your emptying is carried out to the highest standard with minimal disruption. Our engineers are both keen and fully qualified to spend time answering any questions you may have regarding your septic tank.

A well-designed, properly installed septic tank can last for decades or fail in just a few years. It really is dependent on how well maintained the system is and the first step to maintaining your sewage system, is understanding how it works.

What is a Septic Tank

A septic tank is a watertight container that is usually buried in your garden. They are made from various materials such as fibreglass, polyethylene or concrete. Septic tanks have a primary chamber where a separation process takes place.

A septic tank relies heavily on bacteria to allow it to work. In a well-functioning septic system, the anaerobic bacteria breaks down the waste causing the separation of oils and sludge allowing the resulting effluent to escape via a filtered outlet towards the drainage field.

Septic Tank Maintenance

There are two main reasons why septic tank maintenance is so important. The first reason is money! Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace, and improper maintenance by homeowners is a common cause of early system failure.

The second reason to carry out regular maintenance on your septic tank is to protect the health of yourself, family, your neighbours and the environment. When septic systems fail, untreated sewage/wastewater is released into the environment. This wastewater from your property can contaminate nearby wells, groundwater and even drinking water sources.

Maintaining your sewage system does not involve you encountering the waste you hoped had disappeared when you flushed the toilet! It simply means carrying out these easy tasks:

1. Arranging a regular septic tank emptying to avoid the sludge content building up in your system. If the sludge isn’t pumped out from your system it begins to slow down and eventually stop the bacteria from being able to carry out its work. This then ends in solids entering your drainage field and results in the big bill we are striving to avoid.

2. Ensure that you keep the area around your septic tank tidy, with the manhole lids easily accessible, and avoid planting shrubs or trees to close to any pipework. The roots from these search for water and your drainage is absolutely perfect for them to continue to grow and eventually block your system.

3. Being aware of what you are putting into your septic tank is also very important. As a general rule of thumb, do not dispose of anything into your septic system that can just as easily be placed into a bin. The more solids that go into your sewage tank, the more frequently your system will need to be emptied and the higher the risk of problems arising.

How often should I have my septic tank in West Sussex emptied?

The frequency of emptying differs from property to property, due to varying factors such as size of tank, household occupants and the permeability of the surrounding ground. However, from experience, we believe that based on a family of four, a septic tank greatly benefits from an emptying once per year as a minimum.

Why choose Clearmasters Environmental for your Septic Tank Emptying in West Sussex?

  • Septic Tank Emptying Specialists
  • Professional and Reliable Service
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Fully Licensed Waste Carriers
  • Checkatrade and Surrey Trading Standards Approved
  • 24 Hour Emergency Jetting Service
  • Drain Jetting Services
  • Qualified High Pressure Jetting Engineers

  • With many years of experience in the drainage industry, we have built an extensive list of clients that have been thrilled with the high level of service we provide.

    For a free, no obligation quote for your Septic Tank emptying in West Sussex, please call us on 01737 842509 or fill out a quick quote form on our contact us page.

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    As in the past, prompt and reliable. Made an effort to fit my urgent callout into their schedule. Knowledgeable and courteous crew. Would not hesitate to recommend this company. 

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    It was so refreshing to have such an excellent service completed to such a high standard. The chaps were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and they have my highest recommendation. I will certainly be using them again for our new build. 

    We highly recommend this local company. Very efficient and thorough service, carried out by a very pleasant chap who took the trouble to explain how the system worked etc. Invoice was lower than quote as they did not have as much volume as they estimated to take away!! 

    Very efficient. Willing to change the time at short notice to suit us. Prompt and quick service. Also gave informative advice re a new tank.